Biggest Loser: ‘Working Together’ and the friction it causes

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Francelina and jeff still dating,

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Much more achievable even if it’s still really, really hard. Incidentally, Francelina and Jeff are paired together and become the subject of all.

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JC: Being overweight and gay is very difficult. Have you had an opportunity to work with them and give them advice as a youth leader? JC: I had a blast working with the kids on the show. We got to do some workouts together anytime they were at the ranch.

Lessons I Learned

This week’s “Biggest Loser” loser may end up being the biggest winner of the whole season. And we’re not just talking about the el-bees she’s dropping. OK, this news is too much fun to save for the end, so we’ll lead with the results: Francelina fell below the red line at the weigh-in in Monday’s “Be Yourself” episode of “The Biggest Loser,” which meant she was automatically sent packing.

But in her update at the end of the show, we found out that she has lost a total of 77 pounds since the start of Season 14 going from pounds to , she gained the confidence to continue working toward getting into medical school, and, surprise, she and fellow contestant Jeff have forged a special bond.

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The contestants faced a temptation challenge with cakes and sweets, but with a two-pound advantage at weigh-in also involved. They voted Michael off and saved Francelina for one more week. Tonight they face an immunity challenge from hell, as they try to lose 70 pounds among them for the week and all be immune from going home this week. That is an average of ten pounds per person, so not an easy task.

They will be working together to achieve the goal, but do you think they can accomplish it? Here we go…the players come back and Jeff explains the way he voted and that Francelina inspired her more than Michael did, even though he said he would never vote for Michael! Not a strategy? Francelina thanks everyone for keeping her there. If they lose 70 pounds as a group they are all safe for one more week.

The kids will answer five questions and every one right the weight is lowered one pound. Then they will do the fitness challenge and if they beat their previous time they get another pound off and there will be five exercises to do. The child contestants get started with the questions and they get the first two questions right and get two pounds taken off, but then get the third one wrong. They come back and get the final two questions right, so they got four pounds taken off so far.

‘The Biggest Loser’ recap: It’s only gonna get tougher from here

The former Biggest Loser contestants are facing life, work and surgery together as a couple. Jeff Nichols may have lost the title of Biggest Loser by one pound , but he gained a roommate, co-worker and girlfriend: fellow contestant Francelina Morillo. She really is my other half. Nichols and Murillo began dating at the beginning of the year, moved in together in Chicago this past March and now work together for Biggest Loser RunWalk, a race series designed to challenge Americans into getting fit.

Holding each other accountable has been the key to keeping off the weight the couple lost while competing on the NBC reality competition, according to Morillo, who is now facing the next chapter in her body transformation — surgery to remove the extra skin that remains since dropping more than lbs. After the half-marathon, Morillo contacted Dr.

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‘Biggest Loser’s’ Francelina finds love, loses 190 pounds

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The Biggest Loser trainers were still there to work them hard, but now they They will be working together to achieve the goal, but do you think they back and Jeff explains the way he voted and that Francelina inspired her.

Did you know that “The Biggest Loser” has a better romantic track record than pretty much every dating show on TV? It has happened again this season — Francelina Morillo and Jeff Nichols, both 25, made a love connection on the “Biggest Loser” ranch and we talked to Morillo about it Tuesday afternoon. She was eliminated this week, keeping her beau on the ranch for another week. We asked her why she thought the show worked so well at romance and what set off romantic sparks between her and Jeff.

They both had tumors and we dealt with the situation in the same manner. And on the show, we got to see each other grow and open up and just blossom into just such amazing people, and we learned to appreciate each other. And as most people know, working out is only part of the battle. The other, larger battle is fought in the kitchen. We wanted to know how her eating habits have changed.

The Biggest Loser Episode 7: No More Teams

This week there are no more teams , and nowhere to hide because the two people who fall below the yellow line will face elimination. So, other than a lesson in the absence of teamwork, what have we learned? The first challenge is all about temptation. They will have ten minutes to eat as many calories as they can, and the winner gets a 2 lb advantage on the scale.

Also, the winner gets to share the love by giving a 2 lb advantage to someone else. As a twist, they will have to face temptation in the dark.

Jeff: Danni: Francelina: The next morning at the gym, Ali is about to play a Then they’ll take five exercises from the Biggest Loser Fitness Test. Still a tough goal, but not impossible if you’re putting the work in. The trainers are here to try and bring the players together in a team-building.

The Biggest Loser opened up this week with chatting around the kitchen table. We learned that Jeff and Francelina have a close bond having both gained lots of weight after losing a parent. It really made me think about my Mom. Prior to my Mom passing in June I had lost a significant amount of weight — 80 pounds. Unfortunately I then broke my ankle and put it all — plus 30 pounds — back on. Literally a few weeks before my Mom went in the hospital I had signed up for a personal trainer to attempt to get my health back.

I had no idea how sick my Mom was when she went into the hospital. We lost her just two short weeks later. This completely derailed me from weight-loss plan. Over the past three and a half years I allowed my grief to be an excuse for my eating. The food helped to keep the pain stuffed inside. As you probably know by now I have used the last five months to start getting healthy with the goal of wanting to have a baby. I get very emotional because I know my Mom wanted to be a Grandma so badly.

‘The Biggest Loser’s Francelina Morillo: Jeff Nichols and I “have something special”

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For the last-chance workout, the contestants still showed extreme struggle in the gym, especially for White Team’s Nikki. The winner was the contestant who placed the most blocks on other contestants’ podiums to “protect” them from going home for a week. Gina won the at-home prize with He exceeds both goals, losing a total of seventeen pounds. To win immunity, she needs to lose at least nine pounds. At the weigh in, the goal number was 51 pounds. Because of their lack of working harder for the week, Jillian takes her team inside to personally improve and rejuvenate their skills.

The Red Team suffered their first weigh-in loss, and faced the brand new elimination voting booth adjacent to the gym. Alex was also swathed in a defeatist mind-set after Jillian stressed that she wasn’t doing her absolute best. Since leaving the ranch, Nathan recently weighed in ata pound weight loss, and proposed to his girlfriend. There were a lot of mixed feelings, as Gina’s positive mind-set ticked Jillian off, the latter saying that Gina should have been positive this whole week.

Gina blew a fuse after a conflict with Joe, causing Jillian to grow very frustrated. In the gym, ebullience transformed into tension after several contestants were giving up. After two painful weeks, the White Team achieved their first weigh-in victory with Danni’s six pound weight loss and Pam’s staggering nine pound weight loss. Jackson was begging other contestants to save Gina and his plan worked, and he was to be sent home.

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