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Preparing articles

Preparing articles

The original article should have a word count of-2000 (excluding figures).

All articles must be written in UK English.If English is not your first language, please ask an English-speaking colleague to proofread your article.

The text of the article should include the following:

All illustrations, whether diagrams or photographs, are referred to as Figures. If any figures appear in colour, please note that they will only appear in colour in the online version; in the printed version they will be in black and white. If the quality of the colour figure supplied is not suitable to be produced in colour, it will also be shown in black and white in the online version.

All accepted articles will be correctly formatted for publication.

The editors reserve the right to choose the conference section in which the article will be published.

Email Submissions

For email submissions, you will need to submit the following two documents:

Paper Submission Deadline — 15 March, 2016